BuddyBoss Vs PeepSo/SNS-type social marketplace

This site is where BuddyBoss experts share the appeal of the app, but the next one we'll introduce was created based on PeepSo.

We integrated it with a plugin called Dokan, which allows you to create a marketplace, to create a social networking-style marketplace. BuddyBoss does not have an integration function with Dokan.

What is meant by integration here?

Products can be displayed from member profiles, and when products are sold or reviewed, they are recorded in the activity feed, so it is possible to implement this without the integration functionality, but it would be better if it was there.

BuddyBoss has

Although it does have integration with Dokan (or rather, WCFM has integration with BuddyPress), I can honestly say, as someone who is familiar with marketplace plugins, that WCFM is a little difficult to use. Its functionality vastly surpasses that of Dokan, but there are so many settings that it is difficult to manage, and I get the impression that it is a high hurdle for average users to master it. I repeat, the functionality is incredible. It is a blessing, but in a word, it is for advanced users. As for the design of the admin screen, it depends on your preference, but WCFM is more difficult to get started with. Dokan is beautiful. This kind of thing is also very important to users.

The purpose of the website is not to create something with amazing functionality, but to get results. Simple and easy to understand websites are used by more people. If you value that, Dokan is the right choice.

Dokan also has a PRO version that adds more features, but you should consider whether you really need it or not before installing it. It's like the difference between a mass-produced car and a luxury car, but a luxury car is not necessarily better no matter what. It's heavy, has poor fuel efficiency, and the car's features are too luxurious to use, and you're more likely to make a mistake and cause an accident.

The same can be said for high-performance websites.
The question is whether users will be able to use something with many settings and functions.

Only the Pro version has the automatic fee payment processing function (WCFM has it in the free version), so if you want to use it, you should get the Pro version, but the most important thing is that it functions properly as a marketplace and that users can use it without getting lost. Most people will not be able to use something that is difficult to operate or set up.

By using PeepSo as a base, I have gained a deeper understanding of PeepSo. This is also light and well put together, which is very nice.

Considering the integration of various functions like this, BuddyBoss and PeepSo are not the same thing. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

We are also currently working on integrating BuddyBoss with Dokan.
I don't know what will happen, but it will probably happen.

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