Leverage the Marketplace

This site is a place to convey the appeal of BuddyBoss, but BuddyBoss is extremely powerful when used in conjunction with various plugins.

Paid membership features
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market place


So I'm familiar with those, but I feel that the marketplace is particularly interesting and that it could be used in a better way.

What is Marketplace?

"An online store where everyone can participate"


The operator can earn sales commission.
Sellers can expect sales to increase as their sales channels expand

That's it.

It's a great option if you want to turn your site into a profitable one.

Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo Shopping, ZOZOTown

It's something like that, but if you think about it simply as an "online shop where anyone can participate"

Jimoty, Mercari, Coconala, Life Bulletin Board, Space Market

The same goes for:

All you have to do is change the way you express and present the theme and how you will use it.

However, if we make it like Amazon, it will be misunderstood as that being the only purpose, and if we make it like Jimoty, it will be difficult to communicate that effectively.

This is the demo site, or rather, my standard marketplace.
We have added some functions to the famous Dokan plugin, and we are focusing on making it easy to use. We have also introduced a chat function between sellers and potential buyers.

However, this site does not include BuddyBoss.
As long as there is a seller's shop page and a chat function, it can be considered a fully interactive membership site even without a social networking community function like BuddyBoss.

And this was further expanded

In addition to the above, this also includes BuddyBoss and PeepSo.
It will be a social media community function with a marketplace.

In any case, marketplaces can be used for a variety of genres depending on what and how you express it. For things like product sales, shipping and delivery costs can make the setup complicated, but it's easier for marketplaces selling services or data. (Both are possible.)

The Marketplace is a very interesting feature, so I'm trying to think of a better way to express it. It shouldn't just be used for selling goods.

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