Don’t use cache plugins on your membership site

This is not limited to BuddyBoss and PeepSo, but you need to be careful when configuring plugins and servers that manage cache for membership sites.

Many WordPress blogs recommend using a cache plugin, but most cache plugins, such as "WP Super Cache" and "WP Fastest Cache," are intended to quickly display the same page to visitors, such as for blog articles. If you are displaying a unique page for each member, such as a membership site, caching is not necessary.

If you cache a unique page for each member, it could lead to serious problems, such as displaying cached information of another user, or it could cause errors when logging in or registering.

To operate a secure membership site, we strongly recommend not using a cache plugin or storing the cache on the server.

If your updates are not reflected or something is not working properly, most of the time it is due to interference between plugins or the influence of a cache plugin. Sometimes deleting a cache plugin does not solve the problem, because remnants of the settings remain on the server.

Everyone loves caching plugins, but be careful if you run a membership site rather than just a company site or blog.

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